Climate Controlled Self-Storage for Military

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Miltary Storage

Many active military members move frequently due to base assignments and tours of duty, which can make it difficult to hang on to personal belongings. Those who want to serve their country and also keep the belongings they already have can turn to self-storage as a resource.

How self-storage can help military members

Because military members move so frequently, it can be troublesome to own a large amount of furniture or other valuables. Some service members choose to sell some of their items to make moving easier, but for those who want to hold on to valuable possessions, there’s another choice. Self-storage allows military members to keep all of their favorite belongings, even when they’re halfway across the world. Here are a few scenarios where self-storage can be a great asset for military members.·

  • Help during transitions with frequent moves: Military members can use self-storage as a transition aid when moving from one base to another. If there’s a short lapse in housing, you will still have room for all of your things.·
  • Save money during high cost of living assignments: Those who are on assignments where housing is more expensive can use self-storage to expand their livable space while sticking to a budget.·
  • Secure, Climate Control Facility keeps valuables safe: Our facility not only has cameras and password-only access but is climate controlled. This makes sure your valuables never experience the extreme temperatures and humidity that destroy personal valuables.

Military discounts

We love our country just like you, and we offer discounts for our nation’s troops as a way to show appreciation for their selfless service. If you are active military looking to rent self-storage, let us know and we’ll help you figure out how much space you need. We do ask for military identification to verify your military involvement upon arrival at the facility.

Why Store with Market Street

With lots of storage options out there, it's best to make sure that when you deploy, your items are there when you need them, whenever you want them.· Climate-controlled facility which protects your valuables from heat, cold, humidity, and large weather fluctuations.· Secure access 24/7 with custom password entry.· Video surveillance so we know who comes and goes.· Easy payments made online or through our app