Commercial Storage

Market Street Storage has the perfect solution for your small business, non-profit, or community organization whether your commercial storage space needs are large or small. Our storage units are a great value for storing business files, extra product inventory, equipment, vehicles and more. You'll pay a month fee based on the size of your storage unit, at a fraction of the cost of most commercial real estate.

Lower Cost Per Square Foot

Commercial space is better utilized for money making instead of storage! You will find that storage units are more affordable than wasting your leased space on storage. Plus, you can put your valuable commercial space to better use. Your storage unit rental is month-to-month - you won't have to commit to 6 months or a year.

Climate Controlled Storage

Help protect your valuable business documents, records, inventory and furniture in a storage unit with temperature and/or humidity control.

Drive-Up Storage Units

We will have drive up storage units soon! This makes it so much easier to load and unload your items with less effort and in short time.

Facility Security Measures

Market Street Storage uses 24-hour digital surveillance monitoring and key coded entry/access systems to keep an eye on facility activity and deter would-be trespassers. Your storage unit is secured with your own lock so only you and your team have access.

Convenient Access

Don't expect 9-5 rules for accessing your property. Market Street’s storage facility has 24-hour key coded access!
Business Storage